Boyanup Foundation Blacksmiths

The South West Rail and Heritage Centre often resounds to the loud, but enticing sounds of metal on metal as the Boyanup Foundation Blacksmiths ply their ancient trade in their forge.  Guided by Master Craftsman, Malcolm Paine, a veteran of over 70 years in the trade, the group is often called upon to use their skills to fashion tools and implements to assist modern farmers and landholders.   One of the main aims of the group is to pass on the traditional techniques of the blacksmith. They are active at the workshop on two Sundays of each month and members will willingly explain and demonstrate aspects of their craft to visitors.

A popular attraction on the site, visitors enjoy the spectacle of the blacksmiths at work and, particularly in winter, enjoy the warmth given off by the fires, a crucial tool for their work.   Proof of the blacksmiths’ skills and techniques can be clearly seen in the ornate and clever creations that this talented group produce.

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