Resident Groups

South West Model Railway

The South West Model Railway Group is an enthusiastic supporter of the saying “good things come in small packages” and it is true they have a diverse range of small trains…

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Rail Heritage WA

Rail Heritage WA is the parent body to a number of rail-related heritage sites throughout the state.  The South West Rail and Heritage Centre houses a representative collection of railway rolling…

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Boyanup Foundation Blacksmiths

The South West Rail and Heritage Centre often resounds to the loud, but enticing sounds of metal on metal as the Boyanup Foundation Blacksmiths ply their ancient trade in their forge….

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Capel Men’s Shed

Brandishing their enviable collection of tools and machinery, the Capel Men’s Shed members enjoy nothing more than either creating something new or restoring items to their former brilliance.  Working in their…

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Preston River Old Machinery

Whilst the task of overseeing the maintenance and restoration of the Boyanup Foundation Inc’s collection of vintage agricultural machinery may seem daunting, there is nothing that excites this group more than…

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South West Rail and Heritage Centre is a proud member of the Working Life Trail