Capel Men’s Shed

Brandishing their enviable collection of tools and machinery, the Capel Men’s Shed members enjoy nothing more than either creating something new or restoring items to their former brilliance.  Working in their very well-appointed premises at the South West Rail and Heritage Centre site, these skilled gentlemen have shown their talents when working with wood or with steel. Their ‘home’ is liberally sprinkled with their handmade products and the Capel Shire community has also benefited from their experience and ability.

The South West Rail and Heritage Centre site has seen some significant improvements and construction carried out by this hard working group since setting up on site.

The group is a firm believer in the age old edict: ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ so are very strict in their observation of regular breaks devoted to cups of tea, cakes and ‘stories’ to recharge their energy!

The Capel Men’s Shed meet twice weekly and are keen participants in the monthly Open Days at the South West Rail and Heritage Centre.

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